Potluck ideas

A potluck meal brings together family, friends and food. Instead of sticking with the same-old-same-old, bring you're A-game to the potluck table with high-end dish ideas from The Wagyu Shop. We've rounded up several options for shareable treats that will wow any crowd with luxurious Wagyu beef, sumptuous seafood or authentic Kurobuta pork.

Whether you're cooking skills qualify as sous-chef-worthy or beginner level, we've got next-level suggestions that will make your contribution stand out from the usual potluck fare.

Trendy Taster: Poke Bowl

This traditional Hawaiian dish delivers big flavor with four main components: a starch like rice or quinoa, a protein like our sashimi-grade yellowfin tuna cubes, a simple dressing and a variety of optional toppings. It's easy to make poke at home, then create an assembly station where guests can experiment with different bespoke combinations. This dish will stand out from the crowd as a trendy treat that's easy to tailor to a variety of dietary needs and flavor profiles.

Spicy Samples: Japanese-Style Pork Cutlets

Pork chops are generally regarded as crowd pleasers, but Kurobuta pork takes that pleasure to the next level. The tender, juicy texture and mouthwatering flavor of our natural Berkshire pork shines in any recipe. Make your fellow potluck diners sit up and take notice with our Japanese-style pork cutlet recipe that adds a bit of heat to the mix. Served on a crunchy bed of shredded raw cabbage, this dish is simple to make and introduces international flair to the joy of shared fare.

Easy Potluck Pleaser: Kurobuta Boneless Ham

For a savory dish that's simple to make and super-easy to serve, opt for a natural Berkshire Kurobuta bone in ham. It's incredibly delectable and juicy on its own with just a hint of salt and pepper, but this ham is also a wonderfully versatile choice for myriad food pairing ideas. Go savory with garlic, rosemary and steamed green beans, or give it a sweet take with a honey glaze and a side of sweet potatoes. Any leftovers are the host's boon for sandwiches with a gourmet twist.

Surf ‘N Sip: Chilean Sea Bass & White Wine

To make a splash at any food-sharing event, bring a delicacy from the ocean. Wild-caught Chilean sea bass filets that are certified sustainable deliver big flavor that aligns with your values. This lean fish cooks up flaky and tender with a slightly sweeter taste than more common seafood, like cod. Pair sea bass with a crisp white wine for a sophisticated addition to any potluck, no matter how you prepare it.

Sophisticated Slices: Japanese Wagyu Steak

Level up your potluck portions with thinly sliced Japanese Wagyu steak. The rich, buttery flavor of A5 Wagyu beef is meant to be shared with loved ones and taken in small amounts. In traditional settings, the Japanese people value sharing meals as a way of building communal trust. Bring this idea to your next gathering by offering each attendee a taste of indulgent, luxurious beef they'll not soon forget. Pair it with a hostess gift of luxury salt and pepper for a potluck win-win.