Friendsgiving ideas

Friendsgiving is the chosen-family alternative to Thanksgiving. If you're getting together with your dearest friends to celebrate ties that are thicker and stronger than shared DNA, give them the most unique gift possible: an impressive meal of indulgent delights from The Wagyu Shop.

We've gathered four Friendsgiving meal ideas for your dining-in pleasure. Choose one to elevate a single course - or combine them all for a luxurious blowout they'll remember for years to come.

Skip the Bird: A Roast to Remember

Turkey has been the traditional main dish at Thanksgiving for generations. Break that expectation with a juicy, tender roast your inner circle will go nuts over. An American Wagyu boneless peeled tri tip brings luxurious flavor to any budget while wowing even the most discerning palates. You can smoke it, braise it or go for full crowd participation with a Japanese-style tabletop barbecue of thinly sliced portions. Pair it with traditional sides like roasted yams and green bean casserole, or keep it nontraditional with international dishes like seaweed salad.

Whet Their Appetites: Sophisticated Starters

Treat your closest friends like royalty with Karat Osetra Russian Caviar as an appetizer at your Friendsgiving. The firm texture and nutty flavor notes will delight any friends who've never tasted caviar before, as well as those who may have tried a lesser variety. Whether the rest of the meal features traditional turkey and all the fixings or something more unusual, starting with this sophisticated sample from the sea will set a notably higher tone for the entire gathering. Serve our premium caviar chilled with a champagne toast for a festive start to a memorable feast.

Pair Tradition With Posh: Holiday Surf 'N Turf

Thanksgiving meals are all about abundance. Pair a traditional main dish like roasted duck or turkey with something unexpected like Ora King Salmon filets for a bit of variety. Go for a deliciously lush surf-and-turf theme by pairing salmon and USDA prime steaks. Our sustainably raised, skin-on salmon filets delight with firm texture and robust flavor whether they're grilled, seared in a cast-iron pan or baked in the oven. They'll pair excellently with traditional fare like garlic mashed potatoes and steamed green beans, but they also play well with nontraditional dishes like Basmati rice or a salty-sweet mango chutney.

Share the Indulgence: A Thin Slice of Heaven

Go all out with a Takamori Drunken Wagyu A5 Wagyu Beef Coulotte (Picanha) that makes sharing an act of indulgent caring. This exclusive cut of Japanese Wagyu beef comes with a certificate of authenticity and all the rich, robust flavor you expect from a luxury beef brand. Japanese cattle in the Yamaguchi Prefecture are fed a Dassai Sake mash that enhances the taste and texture of this indulgent cut. Whether you serve it as an appetizer or a thinly sliced main course, pair your Drunken Wagyu with sake for a delightfully different kind of party.