Australian White Lamb comes from the foothills of South Eastern Australia, and was bred to flourish in Australia's climate. This high-quality lamb is 100% Australian White Lamb and is raised with no exposure to feedlots, hormones, or antibiotics.


Australian White Lamb contains intramuscular fat containing high amounts of Omega 3. This creates a sodt, fine texture with a rich, juicy taste. White Lamb is bred with a hair coat instead of wool, which means no lanolin is produced. The absence of lanolin means no gamey taste or foul odors.

Australian white lamb

  • Premium
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  • Sustainable


Australian White Lamb is recognized as "climate neutral" by the lamb and sheep meat industry in Australia. These lamb are raised in an ethical, natural environment with minimal human inputs. Due to their hair coat, they do not require additional handing and shearing.

How to Prepare

Depending on the cut, lamb can be prepared in a variety of ways. Lamb racks and ribs are often over roasted, while chops are more commonly pan seared.

Common Cooking Temperatures:
Medium-Rare: 125°F
Medium: 130°F
Medium-Well: 145°F