Cold Weather Dish ideas

Colder weather brings a host of changes to the table. You might switch from the chilled white wine you sipped on summer evenings to a heartier red vintage. Your wardrobe likely gets a re-introduction to cozy favorites, like sweaters and slippers. And many of us alter our diets to accommodate the abundance of the harvest with the addition of roasted squash and other late-season picks.

The epicureans at the Wagyu Shop have gathered some of our favorite cold weather dish ideas to warm up your winter meal planning. Try these dishes for a satisfying sample of luxurious Wagyu beef, natural Kurobuta pork or sumptuous seafood in dishes that are sure to ignite your winter palate.


High-End Beef Stew

Whether it's St. Patrick's Day or just another frigid Tuesday night, nothing says cold-weather comfort like traditional beef stew. Our version levels up the luxury with Miyazakigyu stew cubes and Guinness beer. The slightly sweet umami flavor of Wagyu beef mingles with the malty and bitter notes of the Irish stout for a deeper complexity and extra richness. Pair your stew with homemade bread for an experience that will make hearts melt.

A Better Brisket

Every cook has their own way of making a brisket - and we are not about to get into an argument about which method produces the best results. However, we will weigh in on the premium cut that enhances any roast: the American Wagyu beef whole brisket from The Wagyu Shop. This beauty is luxuriously marbled with an ideal fat cap for preserving all that rich, buttery flavor during the cooking process. Whether it's your first attempt at a brisket meal or you're a seasoned expert, this sumptuous cut delivers rich flavor and amazing tenderness every time.

The Hot Trend: Poke Bowls

Heat up your winter meals with a high-end take on the poke bowl trend. This traditional Hawaiian dish will whisk your senses off to a sunny oceanside lanai where soft breezes bring the lilt of ukuleles to mind. It's easy to create poke bowls at home, especially when you start with premium yellowfin tuna that we've cut into convenient cubes for you. Tailor the dressing and toppings to your preferences with spices and garnishes that pique your appetite. We like ginger, soy sauce and lots of colorful veggies - but your bespoke bowl can be whatever your taste dictates.

Cast-Iron Skillet Steak

Nothing beats a juicy, tender American Wagyu filet mignon any time of year. If the frightful weather is keeping you from your grill, don't despair! We've got pro tips for how to cook the perfect steak in an iron skillet no matter what Mother Nature's doing out there. Of course, the most important element is choosing a sumptuously marbled cut of beef, but The Wagyu Shop makes that a breeze. Once you give this easy indoor cooking method a try, we're sure even the most diehard grill guru will be a convert. At least until the warm weather returns.