Australian Wagyu is graded through Meat Standards Australia (MSA). MSA is regulated by Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA). 

There are currently two grading systems used to grade Australian Wagyu. The latest system is known as Meat Standards Australia. The more popular system is AUS-MEAT.

MSA grades Wagyu based on the below categories. MSA grades on a scale of 100 (no intramuscular fat) to 1190 (extreme amounts of intramuscular fat). This scale works in increments of 10.

  • Meat Color
  • Marbling
  • Fat Depth
  • Carcass Weight
  • Maturity
  • PH

AUS-MEAT grades very similar to BMS (Beef Marbling Standard) used in the Japanese Wagyu grading system. This system is graded from 0 (no intramuscular fat) to 9 (extreme amounts of intramuscular fat) in increments of 1.

The Wagyu Shop will only provide Australian Wagyu with the following:

AUS-MEAT score 8-9 only falls between MSA 1000-1100+