Japanese Style Steaks vs. Domestic Steaks

Why Are Japanese Style Steaks So Thin?

Japanese Wagyu has become a world-renowned product. The system of strict grading and traceability, which is not apparent with domestic beef, is intriguing and offers a window into a new kind of cuisine. However, the Japanese system of raising, feeding, and producing genuine Wagyu is not the only difference between Japanese Wagyu and other domestic beef.

Traditional Japanese Cuisine

A5 Wagyu is famous for its rich, buttery flavor and is typically meant to be enjoyed as a unique experience rather than solely a meal. It is traditionally portioned into smaller sizes as it is not intended to be the main meal, but works to elevate the eating experience as a whole. Usually, this type of beef is paired with appetizers, small dishes, and rice. This style of eating stays very true to traditional, authentic Japanese cuisine where meals consist of several small dishes, with small portions of meat and fish making up an entire meal. This differs greatly from traditional American cuisine which consists primarily of a main protein and a couple of side dishes.

The Wagyu Shop Product

Our 10oz. A5 Japanese Wagyu steaks are cut to traditional, authentic Japanese specifications. However, should you be seeking a larger, thicker steak we offer thick cut A5 Wagyu steaks as well.