Luxurious Flavors in Premium Wagyu Flights

Do you consider yourself a meat connoisseur? Want to make an especially impressive meal for an upcoming dinner party? When a simple store-bought steak just won't do, treat your taste buds to something special with a Wagyu beef flight. As the world's most sought-after beef, it's something that anyone who loves a quality cut of meat must experience. Though you can often find Wagyu beef on the menu at a fine dining restaurant, indulging in a flight at home gives you the opportunity to savor the unique flavors of different varieties and cuts. Premium meat gift packages allow you to create a deluxe, world-class meal in your very own kitchen.

Why Wagyu Beef?

Wagyu Beef

There are plenty of foodie flights available today, but there's a reason that Wagyu beef remains the most sought-after of them all. Unlike other meat gift assortments, a Wagyu flight contains only high-end cuts that come from specific cattle breeds. Wagyu beef comes from cattle that have been raised in an environment that minimizes stress and promotes much better overall health for the cattle. This results in a significantly higher quality of the meat itself, including marbling within the muscle tissue. This gives the meat a rich umami flavor and a luscious, tender texture that practically melts in your mouth.

Types of Wagyu Meat Flights

Wagyo Meat Flights

At The Wagyu Shop™, you'll find the best selection of high-quality, authentic Wagyu beef flights. These are exceptional sets of some of the very best cuts of meat from around the world, making each one a spectacular experience for the senses.

If you're looking for one of the most exclusive and rare sets of Japanese Wagyu beef, experience the Miyazakigyu Premium Flight-Loin Set. Featuring a striploin steak, ribeye steak and filet mignon. This flight includes delicate, rich Wagyu raised and processed in the Miyazaki Prefecture, which has ideal conditions for cattle year-round. Beef from this area has repeatedly won first place awards.

For a different preparation style, indulge in the A5 Wagyu Steak Cube Flight. Featuring both Japanese and American Wagyu varieties, the set contains premium loin steak cubes and sirloin cubes for grilling up the most delicious, juicy steak bites or kabobs. You can also get a combination of steaks and cubes consisting exclusively of Japanese Wagyu with the A5 Japanese Wagyu Taster Flight.

The Ultimate Meat Gift

Need the perfect gift for someone who absolutely loves a good steak? Choose one of the many flights available at The Wagyu Shop™ to send the ultimate Wagyu beef gift. This type of rare and exclusive meat is perfect for impressing corporate clients or thanking loyal customers. It's also a wonderful birthday, anniversary or holiday gift for a loved one.

Regardless of which of the many available flights you choose, you'll get authentic Wagyu beef hand-selected from reputable farms around the world. Quick, temperature-controlled shipping ensures that every cut arrives in optimal conditions whether it's heading to your front door or to the home of a gift recipient.

Delight in a luxurious dining experience at your own table with a Wagyu meat flight. For the highest level of quality and customer service, be sure to indulge with one of the deluxe flights from The Wagyu Shop™.