Old School Steakhouse vs Modern Steakhouse: How Japanese Wagyu has gained popularity and now you can have it delivered to your home

Traditionally, only the best steaks could be enjoyed in an old school steakhouse. These luxury establishments prided themselves on serving the finest products in an upscale environment, complete with expert servers and crisp white table linens. While eating at these restaurants still provides a wonderful dining experience, it's not the only way to enjoy a quality steak anymore.

Modern steakhouses are expanding to newer, high-quality cuts of meat from around the world, often served up in a hip, trendy environment. One particular type of meat, Japanese Wagyu beef, has been taking these modern steakhouses by storm. Learn more about what makes this type of meat the best of the best when it comes to steaks.

What is Wagyu Beef?

Wagyu beef is considered to be the world's most delicious and most luxurious meat. The term has become a buzzword in the food industry, but it's important to know that "Wagyu" can technically only be used to describe the cuts from a specific breed of Japanese cattle.

In addition, the cows that produce Wagyu beef are raised under especially comfortable conditions. Any stress on the animal can negatively affect the quality of the meat, so farmers closely monitor them in open-air farms with lots of fresh, clean water, quality feed and minimal noises. Japanese Wagyu beef is graded with very strict guidelines and requirements. The highest grade for this beef is A5 Japanese Wagyu.

Japanese Wagyu vs. Regular Steak

Japanese Wagyu steaks are considered to be the best in the world. The meat has a luscious, tender texture and rich umami flavor that comes from the fat being beautifully marbled within the muscle tissue. This actually stems from a particular genetic quality that causes the fat to marble in this way. The cuts are best prepared very rare, but they're still juicy even when cooked to medium or medium-well.

Regular steak, on the other hand, can vary widely in quality depending on where it is sourced from. Standard steaks often have a fat cap, so the fat is limited to a particular area rather than being marbled throughout the steak. This also requires higher temperatures for melting the fat, which means it's harder to achieve good flavors without overcooking the steak.

Where to Get Wagyu Steaks

Today, many modern steakhouses offer Japanese Wagyu steaks. Even some of the traditional steakhouse institutions that have stuck to a fairly predictable menu for decades are embracing this prime cut as a high-end menu option.

You don't necessarily have to visit an expensive steakhouse to try this exclusive type of meat, however. Many steak lovers are having these quality cuts shipped right to their door for a home-style steakhouse experience. The Wagyu Shop is one of the top resources for purchasing authentic, A5-grade Japanese Wagyu beef. You can have this premium beef shipped straight to your door, including everything from classic ribeye and striploin steaks to beef steak cubes and whole rib caps. If you're ready to top the best steak you've ever had, it's time to try something from The Wagyu Shop.