Holiday Hosting Meal Ideas - Roasts, Hams and More

Hosting guests for the holidays can fill your home with laughter and joy. While it's a great gift to be surrounded by loved ones during this special time of the year, it can also feel like a big responsibility to plan meals that feel special and taste delicious for so many people. To help make this holiday season a little smoother, use this guide for how to host a holiday party filled with flavorful, festive dishes your guests will rave about.

Focus on the Entrée

It's easy to get overwhelmed by all the components that go into a great holiday meal. But the truth is that the sides can be easily handled with a potluck-style feast or convenient grocery store solutions. What you absolutely do not want to overlook is the importance of the entrée. This is the dish that everyone will be looking forward to the most, so putting in extra effort here is the smartest way to plan your holiday meal.

While you might be tempted to try something unique, it's best to stick with the finest tried-and-true holiday staples when planning your feast. You need a hearty meat to act as the focal point for the evening and make sure everyone feels full and satisfied. By taking the time to make sure the main course is especially succulent and delicious, you're sure to gain the approval of your holiday crowd.

Popular Holiday Dinners

Now that you have your sights set on the entrée, it's time to plan the menu. These are the most popular holiday dishes to center your meal around:
  • Roasts

The rich, savory flavor of a roast is sure to please everyone around your dinner table. Beef is one of the most popular choices for this dish, including options like beef brisket, tri-tip roast and ribeye roast. If you prefer pork, opt for the Kurobuta 8-Bone Rack or Kurobuta Boneless Ribeye for the juiciest results.

  • Hams

What could be more classic than a Christmas ham? A great way to simplify your holiday meal preparation is by choosing a pre-seasoned and pre-cooked ham that only needs to be heated in the oven.

  • Steaks

For smaller gatherings, a whole roast or ham might seem excessive. To make an intimate holiday meal feel special, consider making steaks instead. It's easier than you might think to upgrade from your everyday dinner steak to something really special. For example, you can have the one of the most luxurious cuts with the A5 Japanese Wagyu filet mignon.

Meal Prep Tips

Once you've decided on the main course that will serve as the heart of your holiday meal, be sure you plan ahead to make sure you know how to prepare the meal correctly. Roasts and hams, for example, are typically cooked for hours before they're ready to serve, so you may need to get them in the oven early on in the day. On the other hand, high-end Wagyu beef steaks are best prepared rare to medium at most due to the unique marbling, so you'll need to keep an extremely close eye on them to make sure they aren't overdone. Create a schedule and stick to it on the day of the party to ensure that everything is hot and ready when it's time to sit down to this special meal.

Hosting holiday party guests is easy when you do a little pre-planning. Use these tips to create a decadent and delicious meal for a special celebration with your loved ones.