Why cook wagyu at home instead of dining out?

Would you ever cook Wagyu beef at home? With such a luxury ingredient, many people prefer a professional chef to prepare it in a restaurant. But there are some serious advantages to enjoying a home-cooked Wagyu dish. Learn more about the benefits of preparing Wagyu beef at home.

Potential Downsides to Dining Out

Countless fine dining menus around the world feature Wagyu beef as one of their dishes. Due to its premium quality and exquisite flavor, it's a no-brainer for upscale establishments to consider offering this dish to their clientele. But for diners, the choice isn't always so easy.

Not all those who wish to enjoy this type of high-quality beef live near a restaurant that serves it. And those who do may not love the idea of paying for a significant markup just to eat it in a restaurant. The cost of Wagyu beef is already quite high compared to other types of beef, and when you factor in the cost listed on the menu plus other expenses like parking costs and tips, it adds up fast.

While it may be nice to enjoy a trip to an establishment that serves authentic Wagyu beef for a special occasion, it's not something most people do very often.

Cooking at Home Instead

Fortunately, there's another option that's more convenient, more affordable and just as delicious. Cooking Wagyu beef in your own kitchen is easy now that you can have this premium beef shipped directly to your home. Instead of paying the sky-high restaurant prices for the same cut of meat, you can just pay for the beef itself. While you might only go to a fancy restaurant once or twice a year, enjoying Wagyu beef at home could become a regular event.

Making your own Wagyu beef also means you get to fully personalize your meal. You choose the flavor profiles, the cooking method, the sides and every other detail. That gives you more control over the finished product. It can also be a great way to impress your date, your friends, your family, your boss or anyone else you invite over for a delicious meal.

Wagyu Appreciation

In addition to the perks of cooking at home mentioned above, there's something a little less tangible that comes with preparing Wagyu beef yourself. For one, the beef itself is so different from the typical beef most people consume on a regular basis. Getting to see it in its raw state allows you a better look at what makes this beef so luxurious. The fat marbling is so thorough and consistent, which calls to mind the great care with which the cattle are raised.

The preparation process can also provide you with a deeper insight into this ingredient. The fat melts at lower temperatures, so the cooking is fast and effective. Wagyu beef is absolutely delicious even with the simplest of seasonings. Just a sprinkle of salt and pepper and minimal time on the skillet or griddle creates a juicy and tender texture unlike any other type of meat. Cooking Wagyu beef at home with simple recipes is a great way for home chefs to gain a greater appreciation of a premium ingredient.