The best food pairings with caviar

Caviar is absolutely delicious and luxurious, but on its own, it doesn't always constitute a complete dish. Many people want to make caviar the star of the show while also including other elements in the meal. Fortunately, there are plenty of thoughtful and complementary food pairings that can enhance the flavor of the caviar while creating a full, satisfying meal. Get inspired by the following food pairing ideas for preparing caviar at home.

Caviar Hors D'oeuvre Ideas

If you want to make caviar a part of a multi-course meal or a simple bite to offer at a special gathering, you have plenty of options besides serving it solo on tasting spoons. If you want to add a little something extra for more textures and flavors, consider some of these delicious ideas:

  • Place a small amount of caviar atop unsalted crackers or toast points.
  • Top a blini with a bit of smoked salmon and caviar.
  • Spoon a small amount caviar atop deviled eggs.
  • Combine caviar with a touch of light and airy crème-fraiche.
  • Crisp up mini latkes and top with dill cream and caviar.

Caviar in a Main Course

If you prefer to incorporate caviar into a main dish, there are several options for doing so. Here are a few ideas for incorporating caviar into your entrée:

  • Spoon caviar over seared scallops with an herb butter sauce.
  • Pile a small amount of caviar atop a tender filet of Wagyu beef.
  • Serve poached oysters in their shells and top with beurre blanc and caviar.
  • Mix caviar into a salmon tartare with sweet onion and fresh lime juice.
  • Brighten up flavors in a classic remoulade with a touch of caviar.
  • Include caviar, sour cream and chives into a classic French omelet.

Caviar with Drinks

Although food pairings with caviar are certainly important, you don't want to forget the drink pairings along the way. The beverages served with caviar can have a significant impact on the overall effect of the meal, so it's important to carefully consider which types of beverages best accompany this exceptional ingredient. Here are some of the top drink pairings with caviar:

  • White wines with dry notes are excellent for pairing with a caviar that's a bit more on the briny side, such as Osetra caviar.
  • Champagne's bubbly effervescence is a perfect pairing with buttery, nutty and creamy options like Beluga caviar.
  • Vodka is another excellent complement for caviar, especially when selecting a very clean and smooth high-end vodka served ice cold.

Serving Tips to Keep in Mind

When putting together your menu, you'll want to remember a few key rules for serving caviar:

  • Make sure you are getting authentic caviar, which only includes fish roe from sturgeon.
  • Serve with non-metallic spoons to avoid negative effects on the caviar's flavor.
  • Keep caviar chilled until you're ready to serve it.