Miyazakigyu has become the top brand of Japanese Wagyu known due to its quality and consistency. Cattle are raised for over 30 months in Miyazaki Prefecture by ranchers who have dedicated their lives to provide special care to these extraordinary cattle. Staying true to refined husbandry techniques, Miyazakigyu are raised on small farms with passionate attention to detail. 


Cattle are raised in an open roof, free air flow environment. A stress free environment is crucial to producing a quality product.


Smaller farms allow for the finest husbandry techniques to be crafted. Cattle are raised in an open roof, free air flow environment and strive in the ideal conditions for which Kyushu Island and Miyazaki Prefecture are renowned. From tracking each individual cattle with their unique ID number, to monitoring their overall health, each cow is tended to carefully by ranchers on a daily basis. Unlike domestic farms, it is crucial that a stress-free environment is maintained. Therefore, Miyazakigyu are raised in pristine and peaceful environments where they have plenty of room to grow along with a constant supply of fresh feed and water. Miyazakigyu are fed a diet which consists of corn, grain, and other wholesome foods; the ratio of these ingredients will change constantly to best fit their specific needs at each phase of life. 

The intent is not to mass produce a product, but to create a product that producers and consumers alike can take great pride in.The standards and techniques of Japanese husbandry have been crafted over many generations, and the well being and quality of Wagyu continue to be a powerful foundation for this exclusive product.

We are continuously working with ranchers in Miyazaki Prefecture to ensure quality products with transparency and traceability.

Flavor Profile

Miyazakigyu are typically fed for slightly longer than A5 Japanese Wagyu in other prefectures, averaging about 650 days. While other prefectures may produce streaky marbling,which provides a more mild flavor profile, branded Miyazakigyu is known for its consistent snowflake-like marbling. This allows for a very rich, and extremely tender flavor profile. Miyazakigyu tends to coat your mouth allowing for a very unique eating experience.


Miyazakigyu has won the “Wagyu Olympics” in 2007 and 2012 which is the first time in the history of the tournament that a brand has been able to win consecutive awards.  They have also won the Prime Minister’s Award for excellence for the third consecutive time, which is also the first time in the history of the tournament that a brand has won 3 consecutive awards. Asia International, Inc. was recognized as the first authorized distributor of Miyazakigyu in the United States.

Cattle are tracked from birth by a unique 10-digit identification number as well as their nose print.