What is Olive Wagyu

Wagyu beef is highly regarded across the world for its incredible flavor and unique eating experience. But there are several different varieties of Wagyu, all with their own distinctive characteristics. One of the most delicious of these varieties is Olive Wagyu. Learn more about what this variety tastes like, how it should be prepared and where you can find it.

Olive Wagyu Origins

Authentic Olive Wagyu only comes from a specific location in Japan: an island called Shodoshima in the Kagawa Prefecture. With only 1,700 Sanuki cattle on the island, it's easy to see why this type of steak is so rare. Adding to the unique origins of Olive Wagyu is the diet that these cattle are fed, which consists of a feed made with a dehydrated and roasted mulch olives. Given that Shodoshima is known for its olive oil industry, this goes hand in hand with the location where these cattle are bred and raised. The cattle's diet makes use of the by-products of olive oil production while also contributing to the steak's unique flavor profile.

What Does Olive Wagyu Taste Like?

Speaking of flavors, Olive Wagyu is truly unique - even among other types of Wagyu steaks. The olive-fed Wagyu cattle develop extremely luscious and tender Olive Wagyu beef. These steaks feature higher levels of oleic acid, which results in a slightly nutty taste with notes of olive oil. The evenly marbled yellowed fat delivers a melt-in-your-mouth texture. Overall, there's a richer umami flavor with Olive Wagyu that makes each bite incredibly flavorful and satisfying.

Tips for Preparing Olive Wagyu Steaks

When preparing A5 Olive, using a non-stick pan is essential. Because Olive Wagyu beef is so tender, it shouldn't be grilled or roasted. A simple seasoning of salt and pepper is sufficient. The beef is much more flavorful than standard American options, so additional seasonings are unnecessary. It's important to keep the seasonings sparse in order to let the natural flavors really shine.

Cooking over high heat is best for Olive Wagyu to ensure it retains its inherent juiciness. It should be cooked to rare or medium rare to fully experience the amazing flavor profile. You won't need large portions with this type of beef. Since it is so rich, a slightly smaller portion is plenty sufficient for a satisfying dining experience.

Where to Buy Olive Wagyu Steaks

It's very difficult to find Olive Wagyu on restaurant menus. Because it's so scarce, it's difficult for even the finest restaurants to source on a consistent basis.

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