How does wagyu beef fit in with popular diets such as Keto and Paleo?

Wagyu beef is noted for its exquisite marbling and luscious, melt-in-your-mouth taste. It's undeniably one of the most sought-after types of meat in the world. But as much as that might sound appealing, it's important for those on certain diet plans to consider whether this type of meat aligns with their health goals. If you're trying to follow a keto or paleo diet, read on to learn whether Wagyu beef is right for you.

Wagyu Beef and Keto Diets

First up is the keto diet. The primary goal of this diet is to consume more proteins and fats and limit or eliminate carbohydrates. Eventually, this puts your body in ketosis, which means you're using fats for energy instead of carbs. The keto diet has a history of being used for people with epilepsy or diabetes. However, many have adopted the principles of the keto diet for weight loss or other health reasons.

When it comes to Wagyu beef, you'll find that it's an excellent choice of meat for this diet. Wagyu beef offers plenty of protein as well as a higher fat content due to the marbling throughout the meat. It's incredibly flavorful as well, and because every bite feels decadent and luxurious, those trying to lose weight may find that they're satisfied with smaller portions of Wagyu compared to other types of beef.

Wagyu Beef and Paleo Diets

Similar to the keto diet, there's a strong emphasis on healthy fats and proteins in the paleo diet. That makes sense considering what this diet is based on, which is trying to eat similar foods that humans consumed during the Paleolithic era. That results in a diet consisting mostly of meats, vegetables, fruits and nuts. To authentically mimic a Paleolithic diet, that means avoiding processed foods as much as possible. For meat, that typically means choosing 100% natural products from pasture-raised animals.

Fortunately for paleo diets, Wagyu beef checks off all the boxes perfectly. It contains plenty of healthy fats and protein and is sourced from pastured cattle raised in a natural environment. The ranchers pay careful attention to every aspect of the cattle's diet and exercise to ensure they produce the highest quality, all-natural beef. That makes Wagyu beef an excellent fit for the paleo diet.

Keto and Paleo Wagyu Beef Recipe Ideas

There are a number of great options for creating delicious, flavorful Wagyu beef meals that work with your diet restrictions. Here are some recipe ideas for the keto and paleo diets:

  • Wagyu steaks with grilled cauliflower and corn
  • Wagyu kabobs with roasted mushrooms, onions and peppers
  • Wagyu filet mignon with a side of zucchini pasta
  • Wagyu steak over a bed of greens
  • Wagyu brisket with sautéed spinach
  • Wagyu steak and eggs

Because of its extremely tender texture and consistent fat marbling, Wagyu beef is prepared a bit differently than other types of beef. Before you add it to your diet, make sure you understand the recommended Wagyu beef cooking techniques.