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Takamori Drunken Wagyu | A5 Wagyu Beef Striploin Strip End


One (1) whole Strip End.

  • Authentic A5 Graded Takamori Wagyu imported from Japan.
  • Yamaguchi Prefecture.
  • Certificate of Authenticity is included with every order.
  • Approximately 7 lbs.
  • Japanese Black cattle (Kuroge).
  • Temperature controlled standard overnight shipping.
  • This product ships frozen.
  • Thawing is normal during shipment.
  • Product of Japan.
  • For chilled product, please contact us.
  • View Shipping Information and select your desired delivery date at checkout.

The Strip End of the Striploin is recognized by the connective tissue that runs through the middle of the loin. This connective tissue extends about 2 inches from the surface into the loin. Although some may consider the Strip End as an “off-cut”, with Japanese Wagyu, this matters far less due to the overall marbling and tenderness of the steak.

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