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Natural American Wagyu Beef Portioned Assortment Steaks (4 pcs)


Four (4) individually packaged steaks.

  • 2 Ribeye / 2 Striploin
  • Each piece is approximately 12 oz. and 1” thick.
  • Natural American Wagyu from the best hand-selected farms across the U.S.
  • Raised without hormones and antibiotics.
  • Temperature controlled standard overnight shipping.
  • This product ships frozen.
  • Thawing is normal during shipment.
  • Product of the United States.
  • View Shipping Information and select your desired delivery date at checkout.

The Ribeye is a versatile cut. Depending on the cuisine, it can be used for shabu shabu, roasting, and even stir fry. The Striploin, commonly known as the New York Strip is great for grilling. For something quick and delicious, both the Ribeye and Striploin are great for pan searing.


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