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Australian White Lamb Bone-In Porterhouse Chops (2 pkgs)


Two (2) packages containing two (2) bone-in lamb porterhouse chops.

  • Each package contains two 8 oz. porterhouse chops.
  • Total 4 porterhouse chops; approximately 2 lbs.
  • 100% Australian White Lamb
  • Raised with no exposure to feedlots, hormones, or antibiotics.
  • Temperature controlled standard overnight shipping.
  • This product ships frozen.
  • Thawing is normal during shipment.
  • Product of Australia.
  • View Shipping Information and select your desired delivery date at checkout.

Australian White Lamb comes from South Eastern Australia. This unique lamb is known for its intramuscular marbling which creates a rich, juicy flavor. Australian White Lamb are bred with a hair coat instead of wool which means no lanolin is produced. The absence of lanolin means no gamey taste or foul odor. 

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