Which Cuts Are Best For Braising

If you're looking for a fairly hands-off way to cook meat at home, consider braising. After initially searing off all sides of the meat, you simply add some liquid and let it cook on a low temperature in the oven over a period of one or more hours (for most cuts). The prep work is minimal, and once it's in the oven you only need to check on it occasionally. When it's ready, you'll have fork-tender meat that's mouth-wateringly tasty.

The great thing about braising is that it's incredibly versatile. It works well with a variety of different meats, including beef, lamb and pork. It's also very effective at making tougher cuts of meat very luscious and juicy.

The following are some of the top choices for the best cuts of meat for braising. Learn more about each one and get helpful tips for boosting flavor during the braising process.

Chuck Roast

This cut of meat is a great budget-friendly option for braising. In addition, chuck roast is beautifully marbled, so it's already a step ahead when it comes to juiciness. However, the large size can make it difficult to cook whole with other methods. Braising, on the other hand, is a wonderful match for chuck roast because it makes it even more tender with very little effort. Use red wine, vinegar and tomato paste in your cooking liquid to add an extra burst of flavor and a thicker sauce.

Beef Short Ribs

Short ribs are another popular choice for braising. They're already tasty with just about any cooking method, but they can become incredibly tender and flavorful when braised in liquid. Beef short ribs have a slightly larger size that's great for this low-and-slow preparation. This cut of meat is especially popular with Korean flavors, including garlic, ginger, rice vinegar, gochujang, sesame oil and soy sauce or tamari. Serve with kimchi, shredded carrots and brown rice to complete your braised Korean short ribs dish.

Pork Chops

Just about everyone loves pork chops, but if you've never had them braised, you may find that you love them even more. Both bone-in and boneless pork chops can be used to create an amazingly moist result. Thicker cuts can stay in the oven longer for even more juiciness. As with any pork dish, apple and mustard are two flavors that pair especially well with the meat. For a creamier sauce, use milk as your cooking liquid.