What is so special about Kurobuta Pork

From juicy sausages to bone-in ham to baby back ribs, there are plenty of mouth-watering pork dishes you know and love. But if you've never had Kurobuta pork, you'll discover some of the finest flavors you never knew were possible. Learn more about this unique type of pork, including where it comes from and what it tastes like.

What Is Kurobuta Pork?

Kurobuta is a type of pork that comes from a specific county in England called Berkshire. The name Kurobuta comes from the Japanese term for "black pig", since the highly revered Berkshire pig is largely black in color. These heritage breed hogs originate in the English countryside and have been around for centuries. Originally brownish-orange in color, they were crossbred with black pigs from Asia beginning in the late 1700s, which led to their iconic black appearance.

Kurobuta pork is highly prized for its excellent quality and flavor. Generally, authentic Kurobuta/Berkshire pork must have a pedigree from an established herd in England or Japan. The pigs were brought to Japan around the middle of the nineteenth century, and have since become sought after in the country.

Characteristics of Kurobuta Pork

Kurobuta pork is often called "the Wagyu of pork" or, in some cases, "the Kobe beef of pork." While many people are well-aware of the enticing qualities of authentic Wagyu beef and Kobe beef, there isn't the same level of recognition when it comes to Kurobuta pork. As the nickname implies, however, Berkshire pork has the same exceptional quality and strict breeding standards that have made Wagyu beef so highly regarded around the world.

Some of the key characters of Kurobuta pork include:

  • More marbling: The pork has marbling that is better integrated throughout each cut, allowing the cut to cook evenly and quickly.
  • Tender and juicy: The consistent marbling throughout produces perfectly succulent pork with a tender juiciness.
  • Fantastically flavorful: Perhaps the most striking thing about Kurobuta pork is just how flavorful it is. Kurobuta is often described as having a slightly sweeter flavor than traditional pork.

Where to Find Kurobuta Pork

If you're looking for Kurobuta pork, there are several options available. If you want to try it in a formal dining setting, you'll be pleased to hear that it's a popular option on many upscale restaurant menus. Some high-end steakhouses and Japanese restaurants also serve Kurobuta pork dishes.

However, one of the best ways to enjoy this pork is at home. You can order Kurobuta pork online and have it shipped right to your door. This allows you to really admire the way that this pork looks and feels different, even in a raw state. The cooking process is simple and straightforward since it tastes exquisite on its own, without the need for fancy sauces, seasonings or rubs.