What Does Wagyu Beef Go Together With?

If you've acquired a cut of authentic Wagyu beef, there's a spectacular dinner in store for you. Once the Wagyu has been ordered, it's time to start tying up some other loose ends to create an exceptionally elevated dining experience that you won't soon forget. Which wines, appetizers, side dishes and desserts are worthy of sharing a plate with this truly extraordinary meat?

Although A5 Wagyu is sure to make a statement, simple complements can provide balance and finish off your plating presentation.

We're often asked how to serve Wagyu, and in our opinion, the best answer is the simplest: salt and pepper only. Your technique will depend on your cut of meat, but high-heat grilling and pan searing are the most common methods. For the most authentic and enjoyable experience, keep your Wagyu uncomplicated and bring in the bold flavors and complex techniques with your pairings.

Here's what to serve with a Wagyu steak for an exemplary dining experience:

  • Wine - Due to Wagyu's relatively delicate flavoring, it is often paired with medium- and full-bodied wines with higher tannins. Stick to silky but bold reds that will balance the buttery flavoring and complement the high fat content. A nice bottle of Bordeaux, shiraz, Sangiovese or cabernet sauvignon will work well.
  • Appetizers - Leading up to the main event, you want to serve something light but flavorful to balance the heartiness of the entrée. A safe bet is a simple charcuterie board with big hunks of blue cheese, cheddar, goat cheese, salami and prosciutto. Thin-slice a baguette on an angle and toast half. Serve it alongside jam, olives and fresh fruit.

  • Side Dishes - Choosing what to plate alongside a cut of Wagyu is a big decision, but don't stress about it too much. A good rule of thumb for any beef is to lighten up your sides and choose flavors that go well with the robust or smoky flavors of the crown jewel. Sautéed mushrooms are a classic and pair beautifully with any beef. Consider a veggie accompaniment of roasted broccoli, sprouts or asparagus and keep it lightly seasoned - salt, pepper, olive oil and a bit of herbs and parmesan for finishing. For your starch element, go for a simple baked or smashed potato. Rice pilaf or couscous may also be considered if you want to incorporate a grain.
  • Dessert - If you're up for dessert, finish your meal with a light but luxurious fruit-forward sorbet, mousse-based pie or a citrusy baked good to finish on a sweet note.

Most likely, your Wagyu dinner will be a special occasion meal that you intend to share with someone you love, perhaps in honor of a big milestone or feat. Enjoying such a superior quality piece of meat is an unrivaled experience that takes celebrations to the next level, and these extras will help you tie it all together. Check out our Wagyu recipes for extra ideas on making a meal of this exceptional beef.