The Wagyu Experience

Japanese Wagyu Beef; a unique, luxurious addition to any gathering with your inner circle. Although there are many types of food that may bring people together, there are few that create an experience quite like Japanese Wagyu.

Introducing your friends and family to Japanese Wagyu Beef allows them a window into a completely new world of gourmet eating at home. A Certificate of Authenticity gives a quick glimpse into the detailed process of genetics and quality husbandry our producers have worked for so many years to protect. Not only does this system of tracking and raising cattle provide transparency, but a Certificate of Authenticity allows you to connect with where your product comes from even if its on the other side of the world. (A5 Japanese Wagyu Grading)

Japanese Wagyu Beef is an exquisite product that is typically prepared with great attention to the fine marbling and flavor that makes this beef so famous. Learning just how many unique cuts of meat Japanese Wagyu provides is exciting, and choosing how to prepare that product allows everyone a glimpse into a
cuisine most people go their entire lives without trying. 

Tasting Japanese Wagyu Beef is much more than simply preparing a nice dinner for your inner circle to enjoy. This product creates a unique eating experience that gives authentic knowledge along with a taste of some of the most sought after beef in the world.