Poroshiri Wagyu from Hokkaido Prefecture

Poroshiri Wagyu derives its name from the natural landscape where they are raised, Mount Poroshiri, which translates to “Great Mountain” in the Ainu language. Mount Poroshiri is found within Hokkaido Prefecture, and has become celebrated for its rare plants, summers full of lush greens, and winters dressed in powdered snow. This pristine environment is often referred to as God’s Paradise.

The environment in which Poroshiri Wagyu are raised in is very unique. On the farm, stones from ancient times known as “Bakuhanseki” are used. These stones are popular for their medicinal and cleansing properties that purify both the surrounding air and water. Poroshiri Wagyu feed exclusively on the farm’s own grass field in which their feed is grown on, and only drink water that has been purified by Bakuhanseki stones.

In general, Wagyu is prized for having the famous silky, smooth fat flavor. However, Poroshiri Wagyu has kept the wonderful, smooth flavor of Wagyu while also holding an added complex yet mild flavor profile. This flavor is very special; Poroshiri Wagyu has won numerous Meat Fair events across Yokohama, Hokkaido, and even many national events.