Employee Recognition Gifts Ideas from the Wagyu Shop

When your employees work hard, successfully complete a difficult project or reach a milestone with the company, it's important to recognize their achievements. Whether you're the owner of the company, the manager of a team at work or the head of human resources, you'll find that employee recognition gifts are one of the best ways you can keep your staff motivated, loyal and satisfied on the job.

At The Wagyu Shop™, we're proud to offer an incredible selection of gourmet gifts ideal for recognizing employee contributions. We also have a dedicated corporate gifting program to help coordinate gifts for your team. We also offer a complimentary concierge to assist you in planning and executing your employee gift-giving.

The Benefits of Employee Recognition

Are employee gifts really worth it? The answer is an unequivocal "yes." In fact, the research backs this up, with study after study finding that high-quality, thoughtful gifts improve not only employee satisfaction, but also their output in the workplace. The following are some examples of the potential benefits of giving employee recognition gifts:

  • Drive employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Encourage employees to work hard and achieve goals
  • Increase productivity and motivation
  • Improve the team culture
  • Boost retention of quality employees
  • Enhance employee loyalty

Employee Recognition Gift Ideas

Looking for inspiration on how to say "thank you"? Gourmet food gifts are always a great option. They're universally appealing and have a luxurious touch that makes employees feel valued and appreciated.

If you're choosing a food gift for an employee, look to give them a fine dining experience in their home. The following are some of our top choices for employee recognition gifts at The Wagyu Shop™.

Wagyu beef packages

Our selection of exclusive packages features premium beef from around the world, including Japanese Wagyu beef. In addition, you'll find authentic Wagyu from Australia, American Wagyu and USDA Prime Angus beef. There are a number of different package options available, or you can create a custom assortment based on your own selections. Some of our most popular packages include the Wagyu filet mignon flight, the A5 Olive Wagyu flight, and the global steak cube taster.

You can also consider spreading their gift out over a number of months with one of our Wagyu beef subscriptions. This is another great option since it allows employees to experience those feelings of recognition month after month when another delivery arrives.

Premium caviar

Caviar is another premium option to consider for a gourmet employee gift. Our three varieties have distinct flavor profiles, so you can give them individually or treat your employee to a set that includes a package of each one: Beluga Hybrid caviar, Kaluga Osetra caviar and Karat Russian Osetra caviar.

E-gift cards

If you're unsure which food gifts would be best suited to your employees, or if you're concerned about possible dietary restrictions, give them the gift of The Wagyu Shop™ e-gift cards instead. This allows them full access to our complete inventory of luxury foods, including our Wagyu beef, Berkshire Kurobuta pork, premium caviar and seafood and rare salts and spices. It's the perfect way to elevate their at-home dining experience and give them more control over how they're rewarded for their hard work.

Working with Your Gift Concierge

We offer a free concierge service to assist with employee gifting. We can offer gift recommendations, or you can choose from our full lineup of products to create a personalized assortment for your employees. You can also include custom gift notes to express what your employee is being recognized for and add a thoughtful touch to each present. There is no minimum order necessary, which makes this option a good fit for a small business or a major corporation that wants to treat their employees to a luxurious dining experience at home.