Elevate Business Relationships with American Wagyu Beef Gifts

Maintaining strong client relationships is more important than ever. Thanks to Google and social media, clients can easily access their competition. But, if they feel a personal connection and enjoy a high level of service, they'll be less tempted to break up a successful and satisfying business partnership.

Corporate gifts are one of the best ways to strengthen the bonds with your existing clients. It can also be a great way to make a lasting impression on a new client. Don't forget that business gifts can improve employee relationships and prevent retention rates from dropping.

At The Wagyu Shop™, we understand how important it is to select the right gifts for business clients. That's why we have members on our team who are dedicated to putting together elegant corporate gifts. Learn more about our American Wagyu beef gifts and how they can help to elevate your business relationships.

What Is American Wagyu Beef?

Wagyu beef is a luxury food highly revered by chefs and consumers alike, and it's featured on the menus at many fine dining restaurants. There are several types of Wagyu beef, including Japanese, Australian and American Wagyu.

American Wagyu is distinct in the type of cattle it comes from and how those cattle are raised. For example, American Wagyu cattle are generally produced by crossbreeding a full-blood Wagyu with Angus cattle. They're fed for a minimum of 400 days, while Japanese Wagyu cattle are typically fed for 650 days or more. The diets for each type of Wagyu are often linked to local crops as well. For American Wagyu cattle, their special vegetarian diet consists mostly of corn and wheat.

The flavor and texture also vary depending on what type of Wagyu beef is selected. Japanese Wagyu is decadent with an almost butter-like taste and incredibly tender. American Wagyu is more like an elevated version of classic American beef. It has a hearty, beefy flavor that's familiar, but the quality is above-average compared to typical cuts of beef.

Reasons to Choose American Wagyu for Business Gifts

If you want impressive business gifts for your clients, American Wagyu beef is a superb selection. It provides an amazing balance between the decadence of Japanese Wagyu and the robust flavors of American domestic beef. This makes it a great crowd-pleaser likely to appeal to almost any client's palate.

Another aspect of American Wagyu beef that makes it great for gifting is its easy preparation. Japanese Wagyu beef, while undeniably delicious, generally can't be cooked in the same way as traditional American beef. It is too delicate and the increased marbling makes it trickier to prepare properly. American Wagyu beef, on the other hand, is hearty and versatile. It can be grilled, roasted and pan-seared, much like any other cut of beef, so gift recipients will feel more comfortable preparing it on their own.

Corporate Gifting with The Wagyu Shop

At The Wagyu Shop™, we offer more than just a premium selection of American Wagyu beef. We also offer expert assistance for those searching for the perfect corporate gifts. Whether you are treating your clients to a special holiday gift or you want to send a thank-you gift to your long-time, loyal customers, we're here to help.

Through our corporate gifting program, you'll be paired with a complimentary concierge who will help you every step of the way. Just reach out and we can get you started. All you need to know is the total number of gifts (or recipients) you want to send packages to as well as your desired delivery dates. Keep in mind that there's no minimum order necessary, so these corporate gifts are just as suited to small businesses as they are to multinational organizations.

From there, we can handle the rest or work with you to develop a customized solution to meet your needs. You can be as involved or hands-off in the process as you'd like to be.

Some of the benefits you'll get with our corporate gifting options include:

  • Free concierge service: You'll have a dedicated assistant available to make the process as seamless and hassle-free as possible.
  • Custom gift notes: Every gift can include a custom note from your company to add a personal touch that your clients will appreciate.
  • Custom assortments: Your concierge can work with you to create a custom assortment with any of our products to suit your budget and your needs.

Gourmet Gift Ideas for Business Clients
To get inspired for your business gifts, browse our full American Wagyu beef collection. You'll find a number of options to impress clients, send congratulations or thank hardworking employees.

One of the most popular options for corporate gifting is the Natural American Wagyu Taster. It features two types of individually packed steaks: ribeye and striploin. This is an excellent introduction to American Wagyu. For something that leans into luxury, choose the Natural American Wagyu Filet Mignon or the rare Natural American Wagyu Zabuton Steak.

Not sure which option is the right fit? Let your clients choose with an e-gift card, or surprise them with a Wagyu beef subscription.