Please use these videos as a guide to help you prepare your Wagyu for cooking. 

As with everything else you do in the kitchen, using a sharp knife is a must. The chef in these videos use both a butcher knife as well as a boning knife to clean and portion the sub-primal cuts. 

American Wagyu Beef Boneless Chuck Short Rib

Chuck short rib is a versatile cut. In our video, we chose to prepare it for yakiniku (Japanese BBQ). After trimming off some surface fat, cut the piece along the bone markings to make a rectangular piece about 2 inches wide. Making sure to cut against the grain, slice on a bias to make 1/4 inch thick slices.

Japanese Wagyu Beef Whole Boneless Ribeye

Portioning Ribeyes is a three step process. First you cut off lip from the whole piece, then you can start portioning into steaks- we recommend at least 3/4 inch thickness. Finally, you can trim excess surface fat from each piece as desired.

Japanese Wagyu Beef Whole Boneless Striploin

The crucial first step to processing Striploins is to take off the strap. The strap is located on the upper portion of the loin, diagonal from the lip. Once the strap is removed, you can start portioning for steak cuts- we recommend at least 3/4 inch thickness. In our video, we preferred to take the last step on trimming off the lip on each individual piece though some people prefer to leave them on.

American Wagyu Beef Flank

Flank is relatively easy to clean as the specification calls for most of the surface fat to be taken off during production. Use your judgement when you see areas of surface fat that may still be on your flanks. If you want to clean them off, just slide your boning knife just below the fat and slice it off. Once trimmed to your liking, you can portion to steak sizes of your choosing.